Toy Story 4 (2019) Poster


Keegan-Michael Key: Ducky



  • Bo Peep : So, How About You, How's Your New Kid?

    Woody : Bonnie? Oh, She's Great, Jessie Is Loving It!

    Bo Peep : Jessie's Still With You?

    Woody : Oh Yeah, The Whole Gang's Still Together, Well I Mean, Most Of Us.

    Bo Peep : What About Rex?

    Woody : Yeah, Yeah, Rex, Bullseye, Slinky, The Potato Head's

    Bo Peep : Buzz?

    Woody : Yeah, Yeah, Buzz Too, I Cannot... Wait To See His Face When He Hears That I Found...

    Buzz Lightyear : Bo Peep?

    Bo Peep : Buzz!

    [Buzz Laughs] 

    Bo Peep : My Old Moving Buddy, It's So Good To See You!

    Buzz Lightyear : Woody, It's Bo Peep!

    [Same Time As Woody] 

    Buzz Lightyear : What Are You Doing Here?

    Woody : Buzz?

    [Same Time As Buzz] 

    Woody : What Are You Doing Here?

    [Ducky & Bunny Push Buzz Down The Roof, Buzz's Buttons Keep Pushing] 

    Woody : 'Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz Lightyear To The Rescue'!

    Bunny : Three Years!

    Ducky : THREE YEARS!

    Bunny : That's How Long We've Been Hanging Up There Waiting For A Kid!

    Buzz Lightyear : Look, I'm Sorry About That...

    Ducky : You Ruined Our Lives, Shame On You

    [Starts Crying] 

    Woody : Who Are These Guys?

    Ducky : Lightyear Promised Us A Kid!

    Woody : You Did What!

    Buzz Lightyear : I Did Not!

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