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Joan Cusack: Jessie



  • [after Bonnie returns home from school, Woody opens up and gets out of Bonnie's backpack] 

    Trixie : [gasps]  He did go to kindergarten!

    Mr. Potato Head : I knew it!

    Woody : No, no, no, guys, listen...

    Buttercup : You tryin' to get Bonnie in trouble?

    Woody : No, of course not!

    Dolly : You could have been confiscated!

    Rex : What does that mean?

    Hamm : Taken away.

    Rex : [gasps]  NO!

    Jessie : Or worse. You could have been lost!

  • [first lines] 

    [it's raining outside of Andy's house and thunder rumbles] 

    Jessie : Whoa! It's raining cats and dogs out there! I hope they make it back all right.

    Hamm : Heads up! Andy's coming!

    [Jessie gasps, and she, Bullseye, and Hamm pose as toys while Andy comes in with everyone else] 

    Andy's Mom : Andy, time for dinner.

    Young Andy : Yes! I'm starving!

    Andy's Mom : Don't forget to wash your hands!

    Young Andy : Okay, Mom!

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