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Season 2

28 Mar. 2011
Sparkle White Gum
In this Season 2 premiere, Jeff (Nate Golon) and Adam (Phillip Jeanmarie) have moved into a swanky new apartment, but for Jeff, it's at a big price - his dignity. Kaitlyn (Kimberly Legg) may have great new representation, but she's still auditioning for unpaid student films to build up her resume. Matthew (Jonathan Schwartz) is still trying to regain his mojo after his bad attitude got him kicked off the network show 'Absolute Opposites.' Vivian (Leanne Wilson) has got a sleazy new boyfriend, but things may be looking up when she reunites with Sarah (Audra Marie).
4 Apr. 2011
Get Me the Chronic
With casting director workshops now proclaimed a rip-off, half the group heads off to scene study class while the other half checks out an improv class. Sarah (Audra Marie) and Adam (Phillip Jeanmarie) introduce Vivian (Leanne Wilson) to their revered scene study teacher, the beloved and eccentric Terry Tompkins (played by 'That 70s Show' alum Don Stark). Jeff (Nate Golon) and Kaitlyn (Kimberly Legg) are forced to do an awkward improv scene together, while Matthew (Jonathan Schwartz) nails a big audition for the new TV show 'Slingin It.'
7 Apr. 2011
Urban Tiger
Adam (Phillip Jeanmarie) has his big day, with the premiere for his new action film 'Urban Tiger.' But good things take a turn for the worst when there is a huge misunderstanding. Sarah (Audra Marie) does a runway show for the hot new "green" charity, Anti-Pave LA, and runs into the sleazy Junior Agent, who happens to be dating Vivian (Leanne Wilson). Jeff (Nate Golon) is forced to beg for his old restaurant job, while Kaitlyn (Kimberly Legg) is an extra on set as she tries to get her SAG vouchers. Matthew (Jonathan Schwartz) and his Theatrical Agent meet under some ...
7 Apr. 2011
The Mormonator
Things are finally looking up for Jeff (Nate Golon) who lands a big audition that he is perfect for, but his excitement for the part may end up being his downfall. Matthew (Jonathan Schwartz) gets in big trouble on the set of 'Slingin It,' while Kaitlyn (Kimberly Legg) is having her own problems working as an extra on the set of 'Four Dudes and a Dog.' Vivian (Leanne Wilson) and Sarah (Audra Marie) are at each other's throats thanks to the Junior Agent, and Adam (Phillip Jeanmarie) is trying to keep it together under relentless pressure from the paparazzi.
6 Apr. 2011
Shotgun Mother
Vivian (Leanne Wilson) and Sarah (Audra Marie) finally realize that the Junior Agent is the source of all their problems, and devise a strategy to get him back. Jeff (Nate Golon) books the "lead" in a show, only to find out that it's a reality show that may get him the wrong kind of exposure. Kaitlyn (Kimberly Legg) finally gets to see the results of her starring role in the student film, and Matthew (Jonathan Schwartz) is confronted by his improv teacher after soliciting pot from his fellow students. Adam (Phillip Jeanmarie) meets with the lawyers of Anti-Pave LA, ...
7 Apr. 2011
Whatever It Takes
In this season 2 finale, Jeff (Nate Golon) is knee-deep in doughnuts, as he fights for the big prize on the reality show 'The Biggest Gainer.' Adam (Phillip Jeanmarie) does his celebrity appearance for the charity Anti-Pave LA, where his publicist learns an important detail about the founders of the charity. Kaitlyn (Kimberly Legg) must make a decision that can affect her career, but there are forces that may decide her future for her. Matthew (Jonathan Schwartz) puts himself on the line for his Theatrical Agent, at the risk of his great role on 'Slingin It.' Vivan (...

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