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If you don't like romantic comedies, why do you review them?
eslgr819 August 2006
I'm getting really tired of people who don't like a particular film genre giving bad reviews of movies belonging to that genre. I don't like gory horror films, so I wouldn't review (or see) something like Hostel or Saw. But somehow people (and reviewers) delight in putting down romcoms, not because there's anything wrong with the films, but because it would have to be something absolutely extraordinary to even merit a "satisfactory" from them.

That's why it pisses me off that Adam and Steve hasn't gotten the critical acclaim that it deserves. I honestly feel that most of the bad reviews were of people predisposed to dislike it just as they'd be predisposed to dislike any new romantic comedy, gay or straight. (That's not to say that it hasn't gotten its fair share of good reviews, and deservedly so!)

Yes, the romantic comedy genre has been done and done again, and not always well, but I can count the number of GAY romantic comedies on the fingers of one hand. All Over the Guy, and Adam and Steve, and...? How many others follow the formula of two people who meet cute, fall in love, face some kind of crisis, and then overcome it in a tear and laughter filled climactic scene? Yes, I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for a good romcom. I can see While You Were Sleeping any day of the week. But as a gay man I've been cheated of this genre, always having to superimpose my own boy/boy couple over the boy/girl couple in the film.

Adam and Steve is the film I (and others I'm sure) have been waiting for. One of the funniest (admittedly crude at times, Thank you Farrely bros) and at the same time most gloriously romantic romcoms ever, and this time it's a boy meets boy, boy loses boy, boy gets boy back story! The chemistry between Craig Chester and Malcolm Gets is palpable, and thank you openly gay hero Chester for casting another gay man to play opposite. As Chester says in the film commentary, he and Gets don't have to worry about "playing gay" but can simply play the characters, and when they are in bed together or sharing a romantic moment (lots of kissing in this film), you don't have to wonder if they felt odd or uncomfortable. It's obvious that they didn't and don't.

Parker Posey and Chris Kattan are along for the ride, Ms. Posey giving yet another lovable quirky performance that's made her the indie queen, and Mr. Kattan showing himself a real actor and real person, something that his usual over the top roles don't allow him to do.

If you don't like romantic comedies, don't see this movie. But if you're like me, someone who loves the genre but has felt cheated out of his own romcom, by all means BUY the DVD because this is a movie you'll be watching again and again.
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Very good and realistic
preppy-321 June 2005
Adam (Craig Chester) and Steve (Malcolm Gets) have an embarrassing one night stand in the late 80s. Then the movie fast forwards to 2005. They meet again but have no recollection of their earlier encounter. They fall madly in love...but then Steve remembers. Can they survive this? Also Adam's best friend (Parker Posey) falls in love with Steve's best friend (Chris Kattan).

This is no masterpiece. It has its dead moments and there are some painfully unfunny moments--and where the hell did that two-stepping sequence at the end come from? Still it works more often than it doesn't and is easily one of the best movies I've ever seen dealing with a gay couple. When it's funny it's hysterical and some of the observations Adam and Steve make about being gay and in love are VERY accurate (Chester and Gets are gay in real life so it adds more to the lines--they speak from experience). Also Chester wrote the script AND directed it as well as starring in it--this guy is very talented.

Acting is good all around. Gets and Chester are just great and perfectly believable. It's always great to see Parker Posey and she's just wonderful (catch her outfit at the two-stepping). Even Kattan is good--he annoyed me totally in SNL. And the supporting cast includes Julie Hagerty, Sally Kirkland and Melinda Dillon--all are just great.

I saw this at a sold out viewing at the Provincetown Film Festival. The demand for this was so great they had to ADD an extra showing! This is the most truthful movie I've seen so far about gay life and love. Not perfect but damn close. A must-see for gay men.
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A good change of pace for gay cinema
mediatym26 April 2005
I was recently at the world premier of Adam and Steve at the Tribecca Film Festival this April. I didn't quite know what to expect walking into the theater but I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with what I saw on screen. Most gay themed films over the past several years have bored me and depressed me to the point of a much-needed visit to my analyst. I know that there are important issues dealing with the gay community, but it is nice to see a film that looks past all of the usual topics points and moves on to very funny comedy. The writer director Craig Chester did a superb job at ramping up the humor and staying dedicated to keeping the story funny. When you think, that was funny; he turns it up and takes it even farther. The sell out crowd of about 1500 at Tribeca was incredible entertained by this film. There were very few dull moments and the audience kept pace with the humor. The guys at Funnyboy Films made a good choice making Adam and Steve. This film along with their first success of LATTERDAYS shows the potential for this company to be a strong force in the future of the film-making community.
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Well-done date movie
gregv2k28 May 2005
What a fun, funny, sharp-witted, incisive film about the rocky road to romance. And how brilliant that it's about a gay couple-- a committed, monogamous gay couple who look very much like real gay human beings (as opposed to the broad caricatures usually seen in film and television). Is it possible that this will be the first "gay" date movie that straight couples will go to and laugh with?

Maybe that's hoping for an America more open-minded than it is, but certainly the open minded heterosexual partners are in for a good time.

Kudos to writer/directer Chester for creating what is an impressive mosaic of styles. In lesser hands the film, with everything from emotional honesty to slapstick comedy to over-the-top (and I do mean WAAYYYY over-the-top) camp, should be a mess. But somehow scenes of first love are actually made sweeter all the more by the slapstick running gag that accompanies them (sorry, no spoilers here!).

The leads are extremely appealing, the dialog is well-realized, and the realities of dating are sharply realized in a film that walks the fine line between maudlin and frank but rarely feels dishonest. That's going to sound ridiculous in the context of a film that includes a choreographed dance-off featuring a drag queen, but the movie is wise to use broad strokes of humor to help otherwise clichéd movie devices go down easier. Additional kudos to Parker Posey, who becomes the heterosexual equivalent of the "Jack" character on "Will & Grace." Her comic contributions are note-perfect.

Chester has commented that the use of comedy has a role in helping straight audiences better accept a budding romance between men. I hope that's true, because this film deserves better than the "cult" or "gay/lesbian" dungeon in your local video store.
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delicious little date movie
thelastjunglist3 April 2006
Romantic comedies are formulaic and predictable. Still, there's such a thing as a "superior" genre film, and Adam & Steve is one of the lamentably few that rate that description. Although it's a gay romance, there's nothing that made me as a straight guy remotely uncomfortable. I do think the fact that gay actors played gay characters made things a bit more fluid- much better than, say, "Jeffrey," which featured straight actors overacting gay.

I laughed a lot more than I remember doing at any Rom-com in recent memory. Parker Posey really stole the show for me, but I've always been a fan of hers. The romantic aspect of the film is campy and farcical to the point of absurdity, and hence didn't bother me too much- and the jokes are constant and quality.

If I were to register any criticism, it would be of the generic plot devices- hidden identity, comical misunderstandings, the obligatory Rom-com chase-across-town-before-it's-too-late. But as I said, it's a genre film, and well done for what it is.
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A pleasant surprise
esqnomore29 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I was fortunate enough to see this film earlier this week at the Tribeca Film Festival. I was expecting something mildly amusing at best, but was pleasantly surprised to find that the movie is a real scream -- wildly funny, and while some of the humor is raunchy (in particular, an early scene that depicts a one-night stand that ends in embarrassment), the film overall is also rather sweet and sentimental. In addition to a witty script, the film features quite a bit of slapstick, visual humor, and even a big musical production number. Writer/director Craig Chester is Adam, and Malcolm Gets (probably best-known from Caroline in the City) is Steve; both are excellent. Parker Posey is quirky (but then isn't she always?) as Adam's fag hag, and Chris Kattan is annoying (but then isn't he always?) as Steve's straight roommate.
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A Gay Romp that Will Make You Laugh and Laugh!
centralparknyc24 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This movie follows your basic romantic comedy storyline, except the characters are gay and there is only one crazy, yet still possible, coincidence. It shows NYC off while pulling off the fairytale. Some nudity would have been an added bonus. The film's energy carries it through. There are some great one liners. The only thing I noticed that was out of place was the NYC taxi picking up the passengers on Long Island. The cast worked well together and it was a great blend of known and unknown talent. You'll laugh all of the way until the end.

It shows a point of view of life in NYC and post 9/11 NYC that emerges without hitting you over the head with it. The supporting cast is remarkable. Both families were fun to watch, but the cursed family was unique and put a real smile on your face.
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In a word..."eh"
dathaler14 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
***spoilers ahead*** Frankly, I don't see what the big deal is about this movie. It's a gay romantic comedy grounded in a moment of toilet humor (literally)--how touching. It's also supplemented by cheap gags and slapstick that are so over-the-top you can't help but laugh (both sets of parents, the barrage of beer bottles, the C&W dance-off, etc.) so it wasn't a total waste of money. Still, I didn't walk outta the theater wanting to fall in love--or eagerly anticipating the DVD release. All in all, I found it an overrated somewhat forgettable film--worth a matinée price or DVD rental on a rainy Sunday afternoon, but not exactly a date movie.

Oh...and what a HUGE waste of Parker Posey's talent. For her, this film may very well be what "The Brown Bunny" was for Chloe Sevigny--a career death knell.
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When was this written?!
s-sylvatica25 August 2009
Though this movie takes place post-2001, it plays as if it takes place in the early 90s - the montage of the two men dating has repeated scenes of anti-gay (minor) violence, parents taking their kids away from seeing two men kiss, etc. As well, Steve's roommate talks about the gay scene as if it were still entirely defined by anonymous sex and bathhouses. While I suppose that the gay community is entitled to its outdated and belittling movies just like the straight community, this movie is not heartwarming or a good portrayal of the modern gay community. I was hoping for a happy-go-lucky and sweet movie, and just got annoyed and offended.
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One of the best gay themed movies I have seen.
stiggy_268 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I am gay and I saw this film 3 times in the theater and just bought the movie on DVD today at Best Buy.

I have to say that Adam & Steve is one of the most hilarious films I have ever seen. I've read comments talking about how over-the-top and unbelievable the film is. Yes, that is true, but how many straight romantic comedies are not believable as well? This film left me feeling better than Brokeback Mountain. Yes, Brokeback Mountain had a bigger budget by many millions of dollars, but the plot left me feeling disappointed and depressed at the end. There need to be more films where gay men don't die or contract HIV/AIDS. Adam & Steve is one of those films and I thank FunnyBoy Films for making it.

The film starts off in the 1980s when Adam, a goth and his obese friend Rhonda go to a dance club in NYC called Danceateria. Adam meets a "dazzle dancer" who performed at the club and they go back to Adam's apartment for a one-night-stand that ends disastrously. See the film for yourself, this will be one of the grossest and most hilarious scenes in a film since the 'hairgel' incident in "There's Something About Mary." Fast forward twenty years, Adam and Steve meet again without realizing they had met two decades earlier. They start dating and only after they've been dating for a while do they realize that they had met at Danceteria back in 1987.

This film has a wonderful cast. Craig Chester as Adam, Malcolm Gets as Steve and Parker Posey as Rhonda. I could have done without Chris Kattan as Steve's roommate Michael, but he's not in a larger percentage of the film, so that's okay.

"Adam & Steve" combines an irreverent sense of humor as well as genuine and heartfelt emotions that demonstrates the trials of relationships whether they be gay or straight. This film is over-the-top at times with crass and unapologetically vulgar humor, but trust me, this film will make you laugh hysterically.

While the film did have a relatively small budget, there is no issues with the quality of the cameras used. The footage is not grainy or amateurish in any sense. This film certainly would not be an Oscar contender, but in a world where there seems to be a barrage of bad news, I think that we could use more outrageously funny comedies like "Adam & Steve".
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Hysterical, sweet, witty film
ocslist19 August 2005
Think "When Harry Met Sally," only with 2 guys.

Parker Posey and Chris Kattan are incredibly funny without being overbearing, as they are merely supporting characters.

The beginning of the movie is *so* funny, you may have to see it a few times to catch everything that happens. There are plenty of other scenes that are also so heartily LOL funny, you might miss something in the follow up dialogue.

It is a fantastic, light comedy about two people falling in love. Dysfuntional families, straight best friends, yup...all there. I didn't notice the clichés because I was too busy laughing.

ABSOLUTELY my favorite comedy of the last few years. I can't wait to see it again. Oh, and you will never hear "Obsession" the same way ever again.
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Gay Romantic Comedy Meets "Airplane"
filmguyCI2 April 2006
The premise is this: Two gay men, Adam and Steve, meet in the 80's and have a disastrous encounter. Fast forward to the present. Adam and Steve's paths cross again and they begin to date, neither remembering their history together. Until one does. How will the past affect the future? Somewhat interesting premise, however, writer and director Craig Chester doesn't have much faith in it and decides to fill the film with a barrage of gross out humor, slapstick, and silly over the top moments. While some of these are very very funny, others don't work at all. The end result is a movie that seems to sell out for cheap laughs rather than go for something real.

Craig Chester (who also wrote and directed) and Malcolm Gets are likable as Adam and Steve but don't generate much chemistry. Parker Posey is always good for a few laughs. Chris Kattan is basically wasted in a supporting role as the best friend.

If you are looking for a few laughs and don't have expectations too high, I would recommend this film. If you are seeking an authentic contemporary film about gay relationships, pass over this one and rent "All Over the Guy."
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Timely, Wonderful, Life and Love Affirming
CastroCub0519 January 2006
I saw this film in Palm Springs at the Film Festival and I have to say that I have never seen a movie like it. It is groundbreaking in the fact that it is not self consciously moralizing or preaching about the 'gay' experience. It deals with the day to day of a grown up relationship between two people who are trying to learn how to love, just like most of us have or had, yet still deals with tough subjects like gay bashing, drug abuse and sexual compulsion, but not in a preachy way.

Many people in the audience applauded when someone thanked the director for a 'romantically optimistic ending', alluding to the tragic ending of Brokeback Mountain, which is, of course, made entirely by straights seeming to take pity on our plight as eternal martyrs.

There were no martyrs here, just a lot laughs and genuine chemistry between Adam & Steve. They didn't even beat each other up once! This movie is the future of gay cinema, I hope. You left the theater and hoped that someday you might fall in love, that's rare - and that isn't how Brokeback left me, which was completely depressed, feeling like a victim.

I hope it comes to San Fran.
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lighthearted and enjoyable
hairmetal8414 July 2005
I attended the premiere of Adam and Steve as part of Outfest '05. Knowing little to nothing about the movie, other than the fact that Chris Kattan was in it, I went in with an open mind, not knowing quite what to expect. What I got was a lighthearted and extremely funny, gay comedy. While the film did touch on many social mores and taboos, it thankfully made light of them. Trying to find extreme social commentary in a romantic comedy is silly! I'm just happy that a film like this got made. Hopefully some of America has their eyes open enough to except this film as they would any other indie romantic comedy, not minding the fact that indeed, the lead couple is gay!
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Entertaining Romance that Audience of Any Oriention Would Like
hrwebb29 May 2005
I just saw this at the Seattle Film Festival and enjoyed it very much. Craig spoke afterward and told the audience that he was trying to write something that spoke thematically to gay couples as "When Harry Met Sally" does for straight couples. He achieved his goal almost perfectly and in the process wrote and directed a comedic story of relationships that anyone can enjoy. The intimate moments were deftly handled and used a comedic element that probably makes them easier to appreciate. The audience was laughing from the first sequence to the last. It would be a fun "date movie" for any couple. Craig Chester and Malcolm Gets were great in the title roles, and Cattan and Posey are marvelous in supporting roles. When it finds a distributor, and it should, see it.
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Ah, those embarrassing bodily functions!
moonspinner5515 February 2007
Craig Chester wrote, directed and stars in this comic love story between two men: a New York City shrink and a klutzy Jewish tour guide who meet and fall in love--but will the recollection of a disastrous date 17 years ago ultimately come between them? Chester is brash and brave and goes out on a limb here, resulting in a gay-comedy better than most. The movie has fun being outré, with ballsy, bitchy humor and an occasional moment of seriousness (a good balance), yet its imagination is stunted, with a fantasy hoedown bit right out of "Jeffrey" and far too many lapses of taste and judgment. Chester's slapstick scenes needed to be reined in, particularly a hopeless sequence with his "cursed" Jewish family and also the poorly-staged gross-out scene 10-minutes in. The film has funny elements and performances (by a most curious cast) and some of it is very sweet. ** from ****
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Funniest film I've seen in years!
pyotr-33 April 2006
"Adam and Steve" is a pure joy. From start to finish you will be laughing yourself silly! Malcolm Gets, Craig Chester, Parker Posey & Chris Kattan all get a huge thumbs up for their wonderful comedy performances in "Adam and Steve." A surprise appearance is also made by the adorable Paul Sands, whom many of you may remember from the "Mary Tyler Moore Show." Yes, the jokes are vulgar and crazy, but don't you deserve a good bellylaugh at something that is just pure FUN? There is a running gag in which Craig Chester is perpetually hit in the head by a bottle every time he shows affection to his boyfriend in public. Roger Ebert's review of this movie called this gag "poor taste" or some such thing, and I can understand (and even APPRECIATE) a straight guy who isn't comfortable seeing gay bashing. But I saw this film with dozens of gay guys and we ALL laughed riotously at this gag. No, gay-bashing isn't funny, but this running gag IS.

One scene was absolutely STUNNING: A dance-off developed between Malcolm Gets and Craig Chester that was so well-done and remarkably entertaining that I KNOW I must buy this movie on DVD as soon as it comes out just to see this dance number again. It's VERY hot, and it's also brilliantly comedic... and stunningly well-done! Bravo "Adam and Steve"! See it and be entertained to the MAX! It's a refreshing change from Hollywood's straight comedies where gay jokes inevitably pop up in the most degrading way possible.
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beautiful surprises
thetops0128 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This film of 100 minutes was at first set up of the feasting story before my eyes was a bit of getting used to the retro time frame in this story. We meet the the fag hag Rhonda and Steve. The usual clichés of early gayness are displayed in a nightclub atmosphere. A bit too much drug use is prevalent. So the pair hooks up Adam and Steve for some raunchy time? Some mistake makes for a disaster that happens. WE get projected into a time frame later in which circumstances pair up the two again. I kind of love the chemistry between the leads which gave hope and joy and laughter and tears. This version should have been 10 minutes longer in scope. I felt myself loving the pair with Micheal and Rhonda as another subplot running as the main pair develops a relationship together. One cute plot involves a New York city cowboy dance meeting place. We get scenes of the city in great quantity. The pacing of the movie goes at a pace that did not make me fall asleep as some love stories have a long tedious climb to a ultimate yes or no. We meet both sets of families each with different attributes. A revelation kind of messes thing up and the repair makes for a brief stopping of the heart. Do they make up or they go their separate ways as friends is to be seen. If they end up in one direction I wished that would be longer in time to make us sure their meant to be together and shorter in scope to just end it as friends, watch them get hooked up with someone else and let us be happy with that. It is a nice gay movie I seen for a while.
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I laughed, I cried, I peed a little
baron1-125 October 2006
This is the first gay romantic comedy movie to truly be all three of those things. It is more truthfully romantic, more warm than Jeffrey, as touching as Torch Song Trilogy, as funny as the Carol Burnett show. Bravo to Craig Chester, who out-writes Paul Rudnick, out-acts Dan Futterman, and is cuter than either of them. Really. (Will this get me a date with him?) And how sweet to finally see Malcolm Gets in an out role, acting his heart out, and his butt off. Don't miss the gag reel. How many movies have a gag reel that is even funnier than the movie? Shortbus eat your heart out, whatever that director's name is. Now I'm just padding so they'll print this. What casting! What a treat to finally see Paul Sand again, not to mention Sally Kirkland and Julie Hagerty.
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dinopass15 May 2005
Nothing more here than a standard, cliché, romantic comedy that you would find in a dozen Adam Sandler films or poorly written African American comedies except for that it focuses on a homoesexual relationship. None of the characters are believable, the tone is mostly a farce but there is not a lot of intelligence behind it.

I believe this film is getting a decent buzz, primarily because the two leads are actually gay and rarely do we see supposed "real-life" portrayal of gays in romantic comedies.

The filmmakers intent was to show what it is really like to be in a homosexual relationship and that they have the same feelings, concerns, desires, etc as heterosexual couples. The main problem is that the tone is so absurd and light and none of it seems like real life at all, you don't believe or engage in the characters at all so the message is lost. I am not gay and did not leave the film feeling any more informed about the difficulties of gay relationships or anything even close.

There are some funny scenes and lines but also many awkward moments and irrelevant scenes just thrown in, and dialouge that just doesn't work. Many parts tried to be over the top and absurd just for the sake of doing so, nothing real or organic about them. The acting and pacing also needed work. I just didn't engage or become interested in the characters at any level.

It didn't need to be as heavy or shocking as Queer as Folk or other gay films but moving the tone more toward Kissing Jessica Stein would have served it much better. Beleiving in the characters as actual people instead of over the to characatures would have let me empathize and allowed me to learn a lot more than I did

The 9-11 references were empty and useless. I lived in NY at the time and if your're going to try to capture it at least give it some time, attention, and drama.

Any I don't mean to focus on the gay aspect, it fails as a film period, straight, gay or other, but the producers/filmmakers are promoting it this way so that will inevitably be the focus.

I'd be interested in hearing any opinions from anyone gay who saw the film to see if they felt it represented their struggles properly or if they were maybe just happy to see a light comedy focused on gay life.

Will be interesting to see what happens if/when it is released
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Wonderful Gay Movie that Straights would appreciate
netvana10 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I really liked this film! I did not expect to like it, but it was perhaps one of the most original comedies I have seen in a very long time. I found the acting to be honest, and the comedy to be completely off the wall, yet somehow the film manages to maintain it's message - which is beautifully wrapped in John Lennon's song "Love" towards the end of the film at Adam and Steve's wedding.

I also enjoyed seeing some of the less photographed scenes from our NYC landscape, i.e. gay street, Grove Street - Many establishing shots of Marie's Crisis! Which Finally makes it on screen. If you've never been, and you're a lover of musical theatre, please check it out. I was disappointed that the interior was not in fact the actual Marie's, but you can't have it all. I would actually like to see Marie's spruce up a little and have it look the way it does in this film.

The issues of diversity - family, traditions ( gay vs. straight, jew, vs. Christian, ) style... all are beautifully displayed here without knocking you over the head. The film never takes itself too seriously ( it's a comedy) but it deals with serious issues - we are finally seeing some quality films for the gay audience hit the screen - all be it in gay neighborhoods with limited distribution... but it's a step in the right direction.

Parker Posey is wonderful as always. I was most impressed with Chris Kattan's performance, as he played a hetero - and he just oozes gay in everything else he does ( I don't know if he's gay or not).

Go see this film - if only to hear the most beautiful words of the film - " By the power vested in me by the STATE of NY. I pronounce you legally married" - That will be a wonderful day... but until then we have " Adam and Steve --
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Tepid Charm
Franco-LA1 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Sometimes the problem with movies from a writer or director (in this case both) with few (if any) produced credits is that they takes all these bits and pieces from all these ideas they have in unproduced or partially finished or contemplated scripts and stuff them into one movie. That is the big flaw in this movie: there are far too many and far too severe tonal shifts. While quirky (particularly in the romantic comedy genre) is the new flavor of the month, there is a limit to how much of it you need. While a largely G/L audience (and frankly, who else was going to -- or has -- watch this, Chris Kattan and Parker Posey notwithstanding?) can certainly laugh as something like the hair product scene in Something About Mary or at Borat, the ex-law scene was not the way to introduce that here.

Also, if you are going to do a scene with your leads at well more than a decade younger that they are currently playing (or are in real life), find some younger actors -- no matter what your budget is! In addition to not being particularly convincing, as played and written, as the romantic leads, Chester and Gets should not have played there far younger self, even in Chester's case, with his Robert Smithish goth makeup. Unfortunately, under all that makeup, you could still easily see the lines in his face and around his eyes, which he certainly didn't have in Swoon.

In addition to these inconsistencies in tone and genre, and the weakness of the chemistry between the leads (think Anne Heche and Harrison Ford, only both at the same age), the film also suffered from predictability in both the gags and the serious notes of the script.

Worth a rental, at most - not worthing adding to your collection and certainly not worth theater admission.
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Somewhat of a valiant effort...
Banquo1311 September 2006
Okay, so this movie had some funny moments, but most of it just left me cold--like it was trying too hard and somehow ended up being too artificial and too phony. I thought the love story was cute, for what it was worth, but some of the subplots left me scratching my head. For example, I find it hard to believe that there are a great many red-Becky Jersey boys (and hillbillies, apparently) in the Village who are going to throw beer bottles at gay men who express affection towards one another. I've been to the Village before and think the bottle throwers would definitely be bashed back. Not to mention the harassment from the this a lame attempt at humor or seriousness towards the fact that hate still exists? Either way, it felt very out of place.

And Adam's family (ba ha ha--just got that one...!) seemed nothing but a one line lame joke. Did we have to cross over into 3rd rate physical comedy to make some point about a curse? The movie did have its highlights--Parker Posey and Chris Kattan had their moments, the dance off was funny and it did make some interesting points about the human condition and relationships: I liked it when Adam asked Steve what he wanted, and he blurts out: "I don't know!!" Not an easy thing to admit.

All in all, "Adam and Steve" has given me a little bit of hope that someone out there might make a gay-themed movie that won't insult my intelligence.
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Loved it. Not every movie has to be a masterpiece.
barker124517 April 2006
This tired old queen was utterly delighted to see an old fashioned boy-meets-boy movie that was, to be sure, very silly and downright revolting at times (think There's Something About Mary), but terribly sweet as well. Surprise! The two main characters are actually in their 40s and are not picture perfect gym bunnies (well, one actually IS, but I digress). As silly as it sounds, it's a reminder that love is available for everyone and sometimes under the absolutely most inane circumstances. Oh, and Parker Posey is her usual wonderful self. Be prepared to see her like you've never seen her before. I think the casting director did a superb job. And I've finally figured out where has-been actresses can find work: in gay cinema. This one boasts not only Julie Hagerty (Airplane!) but Melinda Dillon (Close Encounters), and Sally Kirkland (M.A.S.H.) all doing absolutely wonderful comic work. For the great unwashed who just enjoy a fun movie (my audience howled all the way through it), you can't go wrong.
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Nearly unwatchable "romantic" "comedy"
FargoUT19 December 2006
It seems exceptionally difficult to make a gay romance (or any gay-themed film, it seems) without delving into cheap stereotypes. There have been a few diamonds in the rough, but Adam & Steve is a painfully unfunny and extremely dull film that is neither romantic nor comedic. Aside from the throwaway sight gags, the poor directing, the mediocre acting, the spectacularly awful writing, Adam & Steve's real problem is its tonal shifts. The mish-mash of genres here keeps adding barrier after barrier to push the audience out of the picture. The film begins with an odd introduction of the main characters, complete with Parker Posey in a fat suit. Next up, we get two visual sight gags of poop and vomit in one scene (one of which is so poorly done, I laughed in spite of how unfunny it was).

There are scenes of drama, there are scenes of comedy, there are scenes of musical numbers and a choreographed dance sequence. It only takes about 15 minutes to realize how bad this picture really is. Parker Posey and Chris Kattan, along with a handful of supporting character actors, upstage the two main leads who are about as charismatic as two rocks. There are scenes where Posey and Kattan both seem to be rolling their eyes, maybe wondering how they got roped into this production.

Adam & Steve has no direction and flounders in search of one. It jumps all over the place, going from a completely screwball gross-out comedy (attempting a pale imitation of the Farrelly Brothers) to a tender love story (admittedly neither tender nor particularly loving... not even really a story for that matter). It almost seems as if the screenplay were written in segments and then spliced together. There are a handful of humorous moments, most of which come courtesy of Posey and Kattan, that prevent the movie from becoming a complete waste of time. And the final climactic moments are nicely handled, a welcome break from the maddening confusion that has preceded it all. The only reason to see this one is if you are a fan of either Posey or Kattan. And, really, if you are, both have done far superior work.
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