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Village Voice
Lighthearted and funny, it falters only in the rare moments when it takes itself too seriously.
New York Post
Often charming and funny, though sometimes quite gross.
Gay Gotham farce written, directed and starring veteran actor Craig Chester ("Swoon," "Kiss Me Guido") delivers plenty of well-timed slapstick, a brace of oddball zanies and a couple of show-stopper musical numbers. Material is uneven, but rhythm and pacing keep action moving smartly.
L.A. Weekly
Adam & Steve is uneven, but it's a relief to see a gay romance that isn't about ab-perfect 20-year-olds, and which features lovers played by two long out-of-the-closet actors. Wonder of wonders.
Any professional film editor watching this movie is going to suffer through one moment after another that begs to be ripped from the film and cut up into ukulele picks. Never mind the film editor: A lot of audiences, with all the best will in the world, are going to feel the same way.
Much of Craig Chester's good-hearted love story Adam & Steve is silly and contrived, but the film boasts four engaging actors.
Washington Post
Strikes an unsatisfying balance between serious romantic texture and outright farce.
Chicago Reader
Despite the high spirits, most of the comedy is feeble and forced; Steve's career as a therapist seems especially far-fetched.
Chicago Tribune
A mostly bland, sporadically crude, by-the-numbers romantic comedy about two gay men in love.
The gay, independent comedy Adam & Steve is as crude and nonsensical as any number of B-list studio equivalents, with the added disadvantages of a low budget and shaky direction by Craig Chester, who wrote and also stars.

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