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Sex & Nudity

  • Hyde begins to moon Fez through a window and we see his bare behind briefly.
  • Many sexual references during the show, such as those to sexual body parts.
  • There are some episodes where the women/girls are featured in bikinis.
  • In several episodes, especially the season 4 episode "Class Picture", Donna (or others) are seen disrobing, though, nothing below the neck is shown/nothing below the bellybutton is shown.
  • The gang makes reference to intercourse countless times in pretty much every episode and refer to it as "doing it, do it, done it, or did it"
  • There is an episode where the gang goes skinny dipping but nothing is shown below the shoulders
  • Fez is usually the one making the more explicit sexual jokes.
  • Fez makes a couple overly explicit references to masturbation. The most crude jokes are made in the 4th and 5th seasons. (Surprisingly explicit for a TV-14 rated show)
  • The first time that Eric and Donna "do it", Donna's bare back is shown
  • Throughout the series, most of the characters are in relationships and are seen together in suggestive actions
  • Kitty is a nurse, so she usually uses mildly explicit references to body parts (uterus, vagina, scrotum)
  • Kitty goes through menopause and it is referenced countless times over the course of the season. Red and Eric are unsure about what exactly menopause is, so they look it up and read the description aloud.
  • Kitty and Red are very obviously shown to still have frequent sexual intercourse.
  • Fez's character is said to have sexual needs
  • "Girl on girl action" is referenced many times by Hyde and Kelso
  • There are a lot of of sexual fantasies
  • In one episode, Eric points out that a girl might be sliding all over a guy moaning like a ghost.
  • The words "banged" and "nailed" are used as reference to sex
  • There is one episode in which the central plot is that Kelso couldn't get an erection while making out with a girl. Although the word "erection" isn't actually used, the characters make pretty explicit jokes and the audience gets the idea.
  • There is another episode where the central plot is that Donna walks in on Eric masturbating. Although the word 'masturbating' is never said, the characters all make somewhat explicit references and jokes toward it.
  • There is a running joke that runs through a couple seasons about Kelso's infidelity and how he cheats on Jackie with Eric's sister.
  • Eric's sister Laurie is an extremely obvious depiction of an extensively promiscuous girl. She is called a whore, slut, tramp, the devil, bitch, skank, and many other names by Eric's friends.
  • A recurring, secondary character is depicted as a hippie who lost his mind during the war and is now a marijuana addict. He says very many sexual innuendos without realizing it while the rest of the characters see the innuendo, and on two occasions, unknowingly makes strong crude references to masturbation, which are surprisingly explicit for a TV-14 show.
  • Donna and Eric are seen kissing while on a bed with one on top of the other. This kind of scene is shown countless times.
  • Overall, the sexual content in this series is mostly on a PG-13 type scale, but during the 4th and 5th season, it seems to reach an R type level before it tames out again, just to give you an idea.
  • In an mid-first season episode "Eric's Buddy", Eric is kissed by a guy (guest star Joseph Gordon-Levitt).

Violence & Gore

  • A very common running gag is Red's frequent threats, generally aimed towards Eric and his friends, that usually involves getting his "foot up your ass". All of these are intended for comic purposes.
  • Some episodes depict fighting.
  • Kelso shoots Hyde in the eye with a bebe gun
  • Eric and Hyde both get into fights with other people.
  • Hyde continuously punches most of the male characters and there is a running gag that Hyde always hits Kelso in the eye, although this is only reinforced by Kelso's catchphrase "Ah, my eye!"
  • There are a few violent fantasies
  • Red talks about his days in the war with somewhat graphic descriptions, although usually meant to be comical.
  • A recurring gag involves one of the guys (usually Eric or Kelso) falling from the town's water tower. They rarely suffer injuries aside from scratches or bruises, as it is almost always played for laughs.
  • In one episode, Eric breaks a guy's nose.
  • In one episode, Hyde violently punches Kelso in the face.


  • There are many uses of minor cuss words such as "hell" and "damn".
  • The word "ass" is used in many different ways, mainly said by Eric's father Red, such as "dumb-ass", "jackass", and "foot up your ass".
  • "Son of a bitch" is used as an expletive and in a hurtful way. "S.O.B" is also used. "Bitch" is used quite frequently, and Jackie and Laurie are the main people who are called this. "Bitching", meaning "awesome", is also used.
  • "Get bent" is used frequently. "Slut" and "whore" are used to describe women, especially Laurie and Jackie.
  • Some offensive words aimed at minorities, such as "gay", "lesbian", and "retarded" are used infrequently and usually aren't used hurtfully or offensively.
  • Words to describe body parts and sex such as "bang", "nail", and "boobs" are used frequently. Less common and more offensive terms like "penis", "balls", "vagina", "nuts", "masturbation", and "tits" may show up a few times. Usually, there are euphemisms like "little man" meaning the penis used and will fly by younger viewers.
  • Censored swear words like "fuck", "shit", and "goddamn" are used only censored, but it is apparent what word is being used.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • During several scenes, (usually once or twice per episode) the characters are seen sitting in a circle surrounded by clouds of smoke implying the obvious marijuana use, though no drug paraphernalia or term usages are heard or seen. During these scenes the characters are very visibly high and are usually seen laughing or coughing uncontrollably, or talking in a nonsensical fashion.
  • Some underage drinking and narcotics, drugs and smoking
  • Hyde is known to be motivated in every situation by the reward of beer.
  • It is a running gag throughout the show that Kitty is an achoholic
  • Red is seen with a beer in almost every scene
  • Some social drinking
  • A character "Leo" is very obviously made out to be a total pothead.
  • A 'stash' of marijuana is seen on many occasions. Although the actual marijuana is never seen, it is always concealed in a brown paper bag.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • One episode shows a character cheating. This might upset some viewers.
  • Red, Eric, Fez, Bob, Hyde and Kelso go deer hunting and Eric shoots a deer
  • There are a few racial slurs
  • The section of the series that everyone finds out the Eric and Donna are engaged, Red may seem a bit frightening as he is seemingly disgusted with his son
  • Red has a heart attack after finding out shocking news, and it may upset some that the characters in the show make a joke of it and aren't sensitive to the fact that he is having a heart attack.
  • When the characters are in the weed smoking circle, they have conversations in a few episodes about religious beliefs and this might upset some viewers.
  • Red is always very hard on his son and is always lowering his self esteem. In a few episodes, the laughter is put aside and emotional dialogues take place between Eric and his father and this might be intense to some viewers.
  • On multiple occasions, there are scenes that showcase Red's hatred for Nazi's and Communists. There are some scenes where he verbalizes his racism towards Koreans and this might make some people uncomfortable.
  • In one episode, a recurring character falls to his death from the water tower. Though his death happens offscreen, the comedic treatment may disturb some.

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