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Season 2

28 Sep. 1999
Garage Sale
The Formans have a garage sale to earn some extra cash. Hyde doesn't have anything to sell, so he bakes "special brownies" to sell; Kitty, Red, Bob and Midge eat some of the brownies unsuspectingly. Fez kisses Jackie who tells Donna it's the best kiss she's ever had. (#26)
5 Oct. 1999
Red's Last Day
Red gets drunk at a bar on the last day of work and when Eric, Fez and Hyde go to pick him up, he gets them drunk as well; Kelso gets a van and has sex. (#27)
12 Oct. 1999
The Velvet Rope
Donna, Eric, Fez and Hyde go to a hip new club. (#28)
19 Oct. 1999
Laurie and the Professor
After Laurie eagerly points out at the family breakfast table that Eric has a hickey, Fez wants one too, from anyone. Hyde is sick of bunking and decides to move out of Eric's room, but to which other room? In another feminist flare, Midge takes Donna for a ride, bagging on Bob and shopping; at their return, pa insists to retaliate. Kelso decides to steal lingerie from Kitty's hamper to commemorate his humping with Laurie, who gets a surprising visit from her former University of Wisconsin psychology professor Stark, who inexplicably offers to help the lazy cow get ...
26 Oct. 1999
It's Halloween and the gang goes to their old abandoned, burnt down grammar school.
2 Nov. 1999
The group goes to Vanstock and Kelso gets stuck in the Middle when he invites Laurie along, after Jackie has said she isn't going, then changes her mind.
9 Nov. 1999
I Love Cake
When Donna tells Eric she loves him he freaks out and only says that he loves cake; the gang teases Kelso for looking like the Fonz in his new leather jacket.
16 Nov. 1999
Donna sleeps with Eric for the first time and Hyde gets a job.
30 Nov. 1999
Eric Gets Suspended
Hyde and Fez go on a double date while Eric is suspended for smoking.
7 Dec. 1999
Red's Birthday
It's Red's birthday, Bob and Midge are both dating other people and Eric is upset Donna talked to Hyde about her parent's problems instead of talking to him.
14 Dec. 1999
Laurie Moves Out
Laurie moves out whilst Jackie becomes suspicious of Micheal when Laurie gives him back a sweater left in her room.
11 Jan. 2000
Eric's Stash
While Jackie wants to enter a beauty contest, Eric suspects Hyde of stealing his money.
18 Jan. 2000
The guys go hunting, and Red bags a deer while Eric wishes he could be somewhere else. Fez goes into the woods with a stick and a whistle, and comes back with dinner.
1 Feb. 2000
Red's New Job
Bob is livid and worried sick to read Price Mart is opening a branch in Point Place, but Red cares only for the next paragraph: they're hiring. However his candidature for supervisor is very uncertain, director Ted offers an instant job as cashier- should he accept? Eric wants to help, taking a hamburger job, but Red is against, feeling diminished in his breadwinner pride, Kitty tries to sooth both. Kelso finds dating both Jackie and Laurie disappointing: he mainly gets double nagging and expectations, little physical fun. Then Price Mart calls about both Forman ...
7 Feb. 2000
Burning Down the House
Michael ignores Jackie's mean refusal to invite Fez and Hyde to the fancy party she hosts in her posh parents' home, even adding dubious acquaintances, including scamp Timmy, who starts by stripping off his pants. Unaccustomed to the mundane, Eric overdoes it when Donna suggests he should relax and enjoy himself. Jackie goes to sulk in her room, demanding Kelso 'fixes it', but things get even further out of hand. Meanwhile Red has accidentally discovered Bob wears a hair-rug and tells Kitty, so that becomes the elephant in Red's living room on the couple's scrabble ...
14 Feb. 2000
The First Time
Bob and Midge are getting ready to renew their vows. Kitty is upset because her close friend Midge didn't ask her as a bridesmaid while Red is Bob's best man. Eric and Donna have sex for the first time.
21 Feb. 2000
After Glow
Eric is humiliated when Kelso blabs to the guys that Donna told Jackie that Eric was lame in the sack. Kitty is astonished when Red celebrates his first paycheck by buying a motorcycle.
28 Feb. 2000
Kitty and Eric's Night Out
Eric is forced to go on a date with his mom. He is embarrassed seeing sex and drugs with his mom. But he warms up to it. Fez gets a cute new girlfriend. Jackie has to admit that she is jealous and has feelings for Fez.
7 Mar. 2000
Parents Find Out
A policeman catches Donna and Eric in the act, and they now have to explain to their parents why the police brought them home. Meanwhile Kelso, Hyde and Fez use Kelso's CB radio to pick up girls.
20 Mar. 2000
Kiss of Death
Eric is afraid he'll be in big trouble with Donna after he runs over her cat, Mr. Bonkers. And Kelso is sure he's in bigger trouble when Jackie catches him giving Laurie a kiss.
27 Mar. 2000
Kelso's Serenade
As Red predicted, Kitty only baked Swedish pancakes to bring bad news: everybody must visit aunt Pearl, in a rest home, who is even less welcoming then the family likes to go and hides... Kelso is a mess now Jackie has dumped him, and sets his hope on composing a make up-song, like his pain beastly ignored or abused by the other basement boys, but Eric soon learns his arrogant confidence it can't happen to him is highly misplaced when firm feminist Dona promises to kick his Archie Bunker-arse to the moon after Jackie convinced her to make a big deal of supposed double...
3 Apr. 2000
Jackie Moves On
Dumped Kelso's only relieve is to hear Jackie is miserable too, but Fez is determined to seize the opportunity to ask her out; she accepts dining at an expensive French restaurant without even asking first who with, then stuffs herself full with both plates and keeps nagging about Michael, but even after that shameless abuse the puppy is happy to be openly kept on a string, Kelso to hear his 'rival' gets nowhere. Eric believes to overhear Laurie telling Hyde an embarrassing secret about him which nobody will specify, so he carelessly 'admits as insignificant' to the ...
1 May 2000
Holy Crap!
Eric and Laurie decide not to go to church anymore so Kitty invites Pastor Dave over for family game night; Fez and Kelso attempt to grow beards.
8 May 2000
Red Fired Up
Red must fire an employee at Price Mart that both he and Eric enjoy making fun of; Kelso decides to go public about his relationship with Laurie.
15 May 2000
Cat Fight Club
Red decides to have a talk with Kelso after finding out that he has been dating Laurie; Hyde tries to teach Jackie how to be cool after Laurie insults her.
22 May 2000
Moon Over Point Place
Eric gets annoyed when he finds a picture of Donna in the yearbook mooning a camera; Fez thinks the white man is trying to keep him down.

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