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1 Apr. 1994
The Meeting
Tia and Tamera are twin sisters who were separated at birth and adopted; Tia by Lisa Landry, a fashion designer, and Tamera by Ray Campbell who owns a limo service. The girls tell of how they met each other in a shopping mall and how they were almost separated again.
1 Apr. 1994
First Dates
Tamera decides to go with a date to the school dance, breaking a promise to Tia as they had both agreed to stay home unless they both had dates.
8 Apr. 1994
Slumber Party
Tia and Tamera host a slumber party, and Lisa's romance comes to an end when she catches her boyfriend with another woman.
15 Apr. 1994
Cheater, Cheater
Tia makes the honor roll at school, Tamera overhears Ray and Lisa discussing their kids and school and decides to make Ray proud of her by getting an A on her history test. On the day of the test, she blanks out and begs Tia to take the test as her to make the grade.
29 Apr. 1994
Out Alone
Tia and Tamera go to a movie and get lost on the bus ride home. Lisa convinces Ray to take "Little Ray" to the vet but Ray doesn't want to pay for the bill. Will Lisa be able to come up with the cash?
6 May 1994
The Pimple
When Tia's anxieties about a prominent pimple "come to a head," so to speak, she asks Tamera to go out on a date in her place.
20 May 1994
Car Trouble
Lisa finally gets a car, but it's not the car everyone expects, with it's worn down frame and now rusty paint job it takes up half of the garage. When Lisa and Ray leave in Lisa's new car, Tamera finds Ray's keys and decides to put it in reverse. Tamera damages the car by hitting a trash can. Tamera traps Tia into promising not to tell. When Ray notices the scratch he blames Lisa; Meanwhile, Lisa persuades Ray to help her bake 80 loaves of cornbread for a fund-raising event.
28 Jun. 1994
The Birthday
It's the twins birthday and Lisa gets them a present they love until they see Ray's. His is a limo trip to Chicago. Excited, the twins forget about Lisa and get ready for Chicago. They bring along Sarah and make her feel left out. Taking advantage of room service and other hotel amenities, Ray goes crazy when he sees the bill. Will Tia, Tamera and Sarah make up, or will a grudge start and never end?
5 Jul. 1994
Love Strikes
Tia and Tamera try to break up Ray and his new girlfriend.
2 Aug. 1994
Wedding Bells & Box Boys
Tia is excited after being asked out on a car date with a 16 year old boy. The problem is Tia having to persuade Lisa to allow her to go; Meanwhile, Danielle's wedding is canceled when she and Ray are caught kissing in the kitchen, leaving Lisa without a check. Will Lisa allow Tia to go on her car date? Will Lisa be successful playing matchmaker to repair Danielle's marriage?
29 Aug. 1994
Mothers and Other Strangers
Lisa's mother comes to visit. Not thinking at the time Lisa had told her mother that she was married to Ray. Lisa then persuades Ray to pretend to be her husband, and in return she won't talk for a week. Lisa's mother discourages her and constantly tries to tell Lisa what her life should be like. Meanwhile, the twins and Roger prepare for a talent show. Will Lisa and her mother develop a mother-daughter relationship? Will Tia get over her stage fright?
6 Sep. 1994
The Concert
The twins win tickets to see 'Cold Dog' in concert. Meanwhile, Lisa and Ray kiss for the first time.
16 Nov. 1994
Hair Today
Lisa wins three certificates to a beauty spa makeover and takes the girls. Tia and Tamera try on a straight hairstyle which makes them a big hit. The next day at school, Tia goes back to her old look but Tamera keeps hers and gets in with the popular crowd. Meanwhile, Ray gets a new cappuccino maker and goes overboard on making and drinking cappuccinos.
23 Nov. 1994
Get a Job
The girls want to make extra money so look for work. Ray gets them jobs at his limo service but they quickly tire of cleaning limos with fat old men. They find open positions at a trendy restaurant, Rocket Burger, but don't want to hurt Ray so try to do both jobs at once.
30 Nov. 1994
Joey's Choice
Tia and Tamera both fall in love with the same boy who meets them both at Rocket Burger in different places and mistakenly believes they're the same girl. When he comes to pick her up for a date, he winds up taking both of them instead.
7 Dec. 1994
A Tall Tale
The twins find dates for the big dance, but find them disappointing; Roger struggles with a very tall dance partner.
14 Dec. 1994
It's a Love Thang
Tia helps Tamera meet a cute guy that they see on the bus. But a little too late, Tamera finds out that the cute boy was only 12. Meanwhile, Lisa tries to tell Terrence she loves him.
21 Dec. 1994
Free Billy
The twins find a pig that's being abused and decide to take him and hide him in their house, forcing Ray and Lisa to face a tough decision when they find out.

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