That ‘70s Show: 10 Worst Things The Gang Did To Fez

The main gang of That '70s Show is a tight-knit group of misfit friends. While they always have each other's backs, they are also not afraid to throw each other under the bus or screw around with one another. Every member of the gang gets treated in this way at some point or another, but some characters get the most of it. One of those characters is Fez.

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Fez is the resident weirdo on That '70s Show. He is a sex-obsessed, candy eating foreign exchange student who is always doing something inappropriate. Most notably, he is always spying on Jackie and Donna through their closets. However, he's also often the punchline of someone's joke or being used in a shameless prank by the guys. While there are some good things they did for him, here
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