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Film Biographies (2)

Interviews (6)

Playboy (US) July 2017, Vol. 64, Iss. 4, pg. 37-44, by: Stephen Rebello, "Playboy Interview: Christopher Nolan"
MovieScope Magazine (GB) September 2008, Vol. 2, Iss. 3, pg. 26-29, by: Will Lawrence, "Nolan, Bale an The Dark Knight"
The Daily Telegraph (GB) July 11 2008, by: John Hiscock, "Why Heath Ledger will blow us away in The Dark Knight"
Starlog (US) July 2008, Iss. 367, pg. 18-21, by: Kim Howard Johnson, "Shadow of the Bat"
Widescreen (DE) May 2 2007, Iss. 06/2007, pg. 54, by: Thomas Raab, "Es gehört sehr viel Hingabe dazu"
Entertainment Weekly (US) October 27 2006, Vol. 1, Iss. 904, pg. 14, by: Jeff Jensen, ""The Magic Man""

Articles (7)

Esquire (US) August 2017, pg. 48-49, by: Adam Grant, "Christopher Nolan Wants You to Silence Your Phones"
New York Post (US) July 28 2017, Vol. 216, Iss. 255, pg. 15, by: Maureen Callahan, "The last war on which we all agree: Why 'Dunkirk' is a hit in today's world"
New York Post (US) July 23 2017, Vol. 216, Iss. 250, pg. 3, by: Amanda Woods, "French rip 'Dunkirk'"
Los Angeles Times (US) July 16 2017, Vol. 136, Iss. 225, pg. E1, E5, by: Josh Rottenberg, "AUDACIOUS MANEUVER: Christopher Nolan takes on tentpole rivals with WWII thriller 'Dunkirk'"
L'Express (FR) 2013, Iss. # 3233, pg. 114, by: Carrière, Christophe, "Génération Spielberg. Hollywood ne répond plus"
San Jose Mercury News (US) July 7 2008, by: David M. Halbfinger, "Batman is No Laughing Matter to Hands-on Director Nolan"
The New York Times (US) March 9 2008, Vol. 157, Iss. 54,244, pg. AR1 & AR16, by: David M. Halbfinger, "Batman's Burden: A Director Confronts Darkness and Death"

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