DVD Review - Arrivederci Millwall (1990)

Arrivederci Millwall, 1990.

Directed by Charles McDougall.

Starring Kevin O'Donohoe, Sidney Cole, Tim Keen, Stephen Marcus, Peter McNamara, Andrew Tiernan, Valerie Gogan, Brian Lawrence and David Barrass.


A fiery group of English football supporters make their way to the continent for the holy grail of the football calendar, the 1982 World Cup in Spain.

I'm just about old enough to remember the dark days of British football, when groups of Burberry-wearing Sun readers would spend Saturday afternoons knocking seven bells out of each other and a news round-up of the weekend's rucks was as much a part of the television schedule as Grandstand's 'Final Score'. This was of course back in the days before the Premier League and the 'prawn sandwich' brigade, when the terraces were still in existence and rival firms seemed more concerned with their own off-field antics than the action on the pitch. Although hooliganism was rampant in the 1960s and 1970s,
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